What we do

Quality Living Made Simple

Focused on a system of kitchens, wardrobes and storage units, FURNIC is about creating a lifestyle with a set of products that are simple, functional and flexible.

We are committed to designing a better future.


We believe that a quality made kitchen should be easy to achieve in your own home.

With an integrated system of design and functionality, we make it simpler to get everything right in your kitchen & simpler to live with once you do.

How we work

From planning to delivery, let’s work together.



Share your layout, requirements and design concepts you love



Our team will help you get a sense of the budget needed and work with you to get the most value for your project



Select accessories and material finishes to complete your kitchen, wardrobe & storage units



Confirm your order with us. You are now a step closer to completing your dream home.



Translate product confirmation to drawings by internal software for production



Fuss-free delivery and on-site installation provided upon product completion

FURNIC Home Concept

Modular. Systematic. Flexible.

The beauty of a modular system lies in the flexibility to combine components to suit any interior configuration.

With a clean and cohesive design, FURNIC fits well into a variety of architectural styles

Using technology to plan, design and budget, our aim is to create a complete package of cabinets interchangeable with accessories, countertop, backsplashes and door finishes.

Adopting a careful and considered approach to planning, we always keep the end-user in mind. With FURNIC, we hope to simplify the process of creating personalised and functional products for you.

FURNIC cares

For you, your loved ones and the environment.

FURNIC understand that quality raw materials is key to premium built furniture.

We use solid wood for our drawers which are carefully sourced and selected for Durability and Sustainability.

All our products are manufactured using “Singapore Green Label” certified
Eurodekor MFC raw boards

JP F0,3 (F****) MR
0.03ppm – Ultra Low Formaldehyde Emission
(Lowest in the Market)

Moisture resistant

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